The sea of Sicily, unique and marvelous in all seasons

It is crystalline in summer and spring, with the most beautiful shades of blue in fall and winter.

The sea in Sicily is the main source of inspiration and leaves space for every detail, it makes unique every single landscape even if it is visible from afar…
Getting married in Sicily… on the sea, on barefoot on the sand, in a terrace overlooking the sea, on a sailing ship, in one of the amazing islands, it means to give to your wedding the “scent of sea”.
Elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, casual or traditional … for your wedding in Sicily, there will be plenty of choice.

Stars, sunsets, sandy beaches, harbors, fishing villages, colorful streets, music, will be just some of the main details of your wedding day in a Sicilian frame.

“Imagine your wedding in Sicily, it is like to dream a Wedding in a corner of paradise”.