Sicily has an extraordinary variety of charming places where you can celebrate a civil wedding.
Civil ceremonies are officiated by Italian authorities, as a Mayor or a Deputy Registrar, in Italian language and with the presence of an official interpreter. They are legally recognised abroad. They are celebrated in very particular historical cities, medieval castles, charming villas, ancient buildings, as well as a wide selection of scenic outdoor locations.
The exchange of wedding rings is the most exciting moment. It is followed by the signature of the register and a short welcoming speech by the municipal authority.
A relative or a friend of the couple may have the opportunity to participate by reading something or giving a speech.
At the end of the ceremony the guests wait the bride and groom outside the Town Hall for the traditional throwing of rice.


Sicily offers an amazing selection of historical churches and ancient cathedrals for a Catholic wedding.
A religious wedding is the union of the spouses before the Priest.
You can choose between a Catholic ceremony, which is legally binding, and in this case the documents have to be filled in a public registrar’s office that recognises the civil value of the wedding.
You can also choose only the religious blessing, however, in this case you have to be civilly married before you come to Italy.


A Symbolic Ceremony in Sicily can take place everywhere you want.
Even if it has no legal value, the ceremony is full of emotions, unique and personal. You can choose the place that best reflects your story, your desires, your features.
You can select different landscapes like sea, mountains, countryside, vineyard, historical buildings, castles. You only have to imagine your wedding and everything will appear really special.


The wedding with a Protestant rite can be celebrated anywhere in Sicily.
According to the personal choice of the spouses, the wedding can be celebrated as a “Protestant Blessing” with no civil validity or as a real mandatory civil marriage, in this case it is necessary to prepare all the documents as praxis to make the legal ceremony.
Our Protestant Ministers are able to execute a Protestant Wedding anywhere without any limitation as a particular Church or city. You can choose to celebrate it in a Church, in a Chapel, in a villa, in a garden or in any other private place.
The details of the ceremony may vary according to the Protestant faith and we collaborate with different Ministers in order to organise a wedding according to your choice
The Protestant ceremony tends to be short-lived but it always includes a welcome to the bride and groom, the introduction, reading the holy writ, the declaration of consent, the exchange of vows and rings, and the solemn wedding blessing.
The spouses can personalise their ceremony with personal vows and promises instead of the formal declaration. The style of the ceremony can be decided directly with the Minister or his assistants.


The Jewish wedding is rich in traditions that reflect the culture and the love for their faith.
Jewish couples can marry in a beautiful Synagogue, but there is the possibility that the Rabbi is also available to celebrate the Jewish wedding in a castle, a private villa, in picturesque places where will be respected all the elements of Jewish tradition.
Any of your request for us will not be too demanding, we take care of everything needed to make great your dream, we do not omit anything.
By specifying what sort of Jewish wedding you want to organise, we will give you support to make it happen on time and with all the necessary permits


Sicily is one of the most romantic and characteristic place of Italy. Every place is special with beautiful and suggestive landscapes.
Elegant villas, ancient castles and houses, lush gardens, immense vineyards may be the seat of your Hindu Wedding Ceremony.
Your wedding celebration will be organised in the minimal detail and your tradition will be respected without neglecting any aspect.


In Italy the Protestant Church is represented by different types: Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Evangelist, Methodist and others.
There are wonderful Protestant Churches in Italy but the Minister can accept your choice to celebrate your wedding in other places such as beautiful villas, castles, romantic gardens and places where you prefer to realise your dream.
Protestant ceremonies can be legally valid if you respect the necessary requirements and as well as organising every detail, we will also follow all the paper work to make everything simple and easier.